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  • Veda

A New Perspective on Routines

As the school year starts and life becomes busy again, this is a good time to consider the importance of routines. Not just for the students in your home but for everyone. Routines help us make time for meaningful activities, be more productive, reduce stress, and feel in control of our lives. It helps cultivate healthy habits, reduce unhealthy ones, and most importantly helps us cope with change and life disruptions easier.

A lot of my clients come to see me because they want to create meaning in their life because life has become purposeless, hollow, and unproductive. One of the first things we work on is creating a healthy life routine.

WHY have a routine??

Reduces stress and anxiety

Creates an environment for productivity, creativity, and purpose

Helps making healthy choices easier such as incorporating time for exercise and healthy food choices (e.g. meal planning, going to the grocery store, packing your lunch the night before)

Breaks bad habits and creates/enforces healthy habits

Forces you to prioritize and do what is important to you

Saves money and time= more profit

Ensures you fun, relaxation, and resting in your life

Builds self-confidence, sense of accomplishment and fulfillment

HOW do I create a routine?

Start with observing what you do daily for a week. Take some time to write it down or keep a note in your phone of daily activities. If you work a full-time job, it is easy to get an idea on how you spend your time before and after work. One you get an idea of what you are doing, ask yourself what you can cut or reduce. Identify what in your schedule you cannot be without or what you want to add more of. Next, try out your routine and see if you can make it a lifestyle. If you find that you are not having enough time to exercise or not enough time for hobbies, what needs to change in your schedule to fit those things in?

Try to make a consistent daily & weekly schedule. Of course, things can come up but having consistency in life really makes it less stressful and more productive! Lastly, don’t have unrealistic expectations of yourself when creating your routine. This is supposed to be less stress, not more! Once you have a routine that works for you, life will become more enjoyable and intentional!