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Individual, Couples & Family Therapy for a

Meaningful & Fulfilling Life


About Me

Veda's passion is to provide quality and meaningful counseling so her clients can achieve the life they envision and desire. Her eclectic approach to therapy combines CBT, DBT, and trauma focused modalities to facilitate a caring, non-judgmental, unbiased environment where clients can begin their journey towards transformation. Veda prides herself in being able to authentically connect with teens, individuals, and couples from various backgrounds. Veda is invested in each of her clients and strives to provide excellent therapy in the Dallas area. 


Areas of Expertise

Mood Disorders

Learn proven techniques and skills to manage symptoms and overcome challenges associated with mood disorders like anxiety, depression, and bipolar

Personal Growth & Healing

Explore and identify your life goals, create an authentic life you can be proud of, and develop a personalized plan committed towards your growth and healing. Heal your past wounds and resentments, learn to forgive yourself & others, and identify the root cause of your issues so you can live your best life.  


Relationships bring meaning and enrichment to our lives but sometimes relationships can become codependent, toxic, or dysfunctional. Learn effective relationship skills and specific steps that can improve all of your relationships. 

Couples Therapy

Learn transformational techniques and skills that will fundamentally change the dynamic and course of your relationship. We have success helping couples who are struggling with separation & divorce, infidelity, parenting & infertility issues, addictions, and financial issues. 


Process traumatic experiences, find relief from traumatic symptoms such as flashbacks, nightmares, low mood, and anxiety, with a personalized treatment plan including effective coping skills and tools. 

Adolescent Therapy

If your teenager is struggling with anxiety, depression, high stress, behavioral issues, or educational concerns, therapy can help in several ways. Having a trusted professional in your teen's life to teach them skills and provide support, can be life changing for your child.

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